The 28th World Business Congress

The 28th World Business Congress
Congress date: June 12-16, 2019
The 28th World Business Congress of the International Management Development Association (IMDA) will be held in Nicosia, North Cyprus, between June 12-15, 2019. The major local organizer is Cyprus Social Sciences University (CSSU) in cooperation with private and public sector partners from North Cyprus.


Host: Cyprus Social Sciences University
It was in 2015 when Cyprus Social Sciences University was founded. The university has embodied the three fundamental concepts: learning, research and cultural blending, which are identified as the indispensable characteristics of a global institution of higher education. With regards to the university’s overriding mission and vision, education is a very important undertaking which necessitates effort, patience, commitment and focus. Students’ success in their studies is the primary goal of all the departments of the university. The education offered in this university is the starting point of professional development. The university allows students to integrate global qualities with local characteristics by supporting the development of cultural, social and conceptual values as well as the students’ emotional intelligence. The quality of “global citizenship” the students will be adopting within the boundaries of CSSU will support them in the path to success in their future career by equipping you with the skills of leadership, mobility, harmony and cooperation. The fundamental values which will be assisting them throughout the entire processes are morality, knowledge and development.

North Cyprus: A pearl in the Mediterranean Sea
Standing at the cross roads of three continents, Cyprus has a vibrant history, a perfect climate and the warmest welcoming environment in the Mediterranean basin. It has been a touristic attraction for many years offering the perfect combination of relaxation, water sports and exciting exploration along its beautiful coastline. Northern Cyprus has its share of rich archeological sites and medieval castles. It enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue unpolluted seas, the beauty of unspoiled landscape and uncrowded beaches. Added to this is
the friendliness and hospitality of the people, wonderfully varied cuisine and the perfect recipe for a truly idyllic holiday. Whether you are a lover of nature, an archaeologist, a keen walker, a water sportsperson or simply a sunworshipper, this little island is the ideal spot for you. It will come as no surprise that according to legend, the
island, the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, was given to Cleopatra by Julius Cesar as a token of his love!


Travel Tips
Flights to Northern Cyprus are via a brief courtesy touch down in Turkey. All Northern Cyprus flights arrive at
Ercan Airport, Northern Cyprus, just a short 15-minute taxi transfer to the conference venue Sun Residence Hotel.
Delegates may also fly to Larnaka Airport, South Cyprus and catch a taxi from there to the congress hotel which
will take 30 minutes.

Conference Venue/Accommodation
Bedestan is a historical building in the Selimiye Quarter of Northern Nicosia, located directly beside the Selimiye Mosque. This structure has a long and complicated history spanning more than a thousand years. It was originally built as a church about the sixth century and expanded and rebuilt between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. It was converted into a bedestan, a type of covered market during the Ottoman empire period. It is currently used as an important cultural center. The designated congress hotel is Sun Residence Hotel. The hotel’s Philosophy is to provide superior, comfortable and trouble-free stay. It is located in Nicosia, North Cyprus. Transportation from Ercan Airport and Larnaca Airport, South Cyprus to the hotel will be available. The conference rates are as follows: single or double occupancy, bed and breakfast rate is 50 Euros. single or double occupancy, half board rate is 60 Euros. The same rates will apply three days before and three days after the congress. High speed Internet servicesis provided free of charge. There is a fitness center and a pool on the roof.


For Membership and Congress Information Contact
Executive VP and Director, International Management Development Association (IMDA), P.O. Box 94,
Cambelltown, PA 17078, USA,
Tel: (717) 566-6586 or (717) 889-8105. From May 7th, 2019 local Turkish phone number is +90-536-2670264.
Congress registration fees may either be faxed to +1-717-566-1191 or sent electronically to the e-mail address of: or you can use IMDA’s PayPal account given in IMDA website. IMDA
Web Master: Dr. Talha Harcar may be contacted at