Purchasing Office

Our office issues all kinds of purchases of the university in accordance with the legislation in force and facilitates the storage and distribution of the purchased goods or services. We also run fixture, embezzlement, inventory and control operations. Sub-units affiliated by the main office are the Purchasing Branch and Stock Distribution Unit, and the Inventory Control Unit.

Our office is accountable for the purchase, sale, repair, construction, rental, leasing, transportation and similar procedures of all kinds of securities and real estate, rights and services required by the academic and administrative units of our university.

Scope of our Services

  • It is essential that the purchase of goods and services are taken care of first-hand under the most favorable conditions.
  • Quality, time, payment conditions, after-sales service and reference criteria are taken into consideration when making purchase preferences.
  • Negotiations can be made with the company that offers the most suitable price and quality in exchange for the product or service to be purchased. In case of agreement, the company reports the result within five working days after the Rector’s Office approves and finalizes the decision and the company is invited to sign the contract and pay a deposit, if any.
  • Academic and Administrative units make the purchasing demands explaining the subject of the goods or services they request and all the features need, if deemed appropriate.
  • Inventory control of the product requested during the purchase process, and delivery by embezzlement after the purchase.
  • To make fixtures and embezzlement of tools and equipment delivered to academic and administrative staff.