Kütüphanemizden, Mevzuat, İçtihat ve Literatür kaynakları ile Türkiye’nin en kapsamlı Hukuk Bilgi Sistemi’ne erişebilirsiniz.

LEXPERA New Generation Legal Information System provides comprehensive legal content which contains legislation, case law, and legal books and articles. Its innovative data processing technology simplifies complex relations between legal information sources and provides integration between them. State of art features, user friendly design and multi-platform access offer the new solutions to the legal professionals, academics, and students.


Access: www.lexpera.com.tr

Lexpera Guide: http://lxp.io/4z

Video Tour: http://lxp.io/2




  • Legislation
  • Case-Law (including Provincial High Court’s decisions)
  • Full text legal books, articles, commentaries and bibliographic info
  • Contract, petition, legal writing templates



Outstanding Features:

  • Single search bar
  • Advanced cross links between different legal sources
  • Timeline for legislation amendments
  • Comparison charts based on legislation and articles
  • Case-law clustering for similar case-laws
  • Daily Official Gazette bulletin for legislation amendments
  • Personal notification settings
  • Favourite folders and saving the search
  • Various display and print options
  • Filtering and advanced search options
  • Personal search history
  • Mobile access


Creating User Profiles:

Users are able to create their own profiles by clicking the “Profilimi Aç” button which allows users creating Favorite Folders, setting Personal Alerts and receiving Official Gazette and Daily Legislation  Bulletins every morning.