Cyprus Research Center

In our age, universities are lively, dynamic and universal institutions. In order to exist and be able to say 'I exist', universities should closely follow the developments in the field of education, scientific research and management in the world, as well as the problems of the society they are a part of, and raise awareness in this respect. CCS will help politicians, bureaucrats and other stakeholders to make correct decisions by producing authentic information.

CSS aims:

  1. To follow scientific, political, economic, social and cultural developments in TRNC and in the world, to determine the political, economic, social and political problems and needs of the society and to conduct scientific research studies that offer solutions,
  2. To establish a digital archive containing all kinds of documents related to the TRNC and making it available to researchers,
  3. To create knowledge through research and collaborate with other universities in the TRNC and in Turkey in line with shared interests and ensure sharing of information with relevant organizations.
  4. To conduct research evaluating the activities of official and non-governmental organizations in the TRNC, collaborating with the experts of the subject,
  5. To cooperate with institutions and organizations that conduct investigations and prepare reports on TRNC problems at home and abroad.

To accomplish these goals, CSS carries out activities in the following areas:

  1. To conduct research and develop projects on history, education, economy, law and all kinds of social and cultural practices for citizens.
  2. To develop cooperation opportunities with non-governmental organizations and universities operating at home and abroad, and to exchange information.
  3. Collaborating with scientists working on issues concerning the TRNC in the world.
  4. To organize or contribute to scientific meetings such as national and international conferences, seminars, congresses, panels, symposiums on related issues.
  5. To train experts, experienced staff and students in the regional and global context regarding the field of activity of the university, to organize courses and programs for education and research and to issue certificates for this purpose.
  6. To provide exchange of faculty, researchers and graduate students with local and international universities, academies and institutes.
  7. To publish the information obtained as a result of scientific research and studies in the form of books, articles and reports.
  8. To develop projects at local, regional, national and international levels.
  9. To publish periodicals and publications related to the field of study, to organize conferences, seminars and similar scientific meetings.
  10. To work on other issues to be determined by the Board of Center Managers.
  11. To develop lifelong learning programs for university’s academic and administrative staff and students.