General Secretary

Count me in!

Dear beloved students and employees of CSSU,

Having worked for many years in the public and private sector in Turkey, I am pleased to have joined your company recently.

The most important factors that motivated and encouraged me to assume higher order responsibilities have thus far been CSSU’s firmly established non-profit motto and the student-oriented, collective efforts and endeavours of the Board of Trustees, Rector, and the academic and administrative personnel.

Saying ‘count me in!’, I wholeheartedly salute the CSSU family, united with the Board of Trustees, Rector, all personnel and beloved students, who are dedicated to providing high quality education services and are devoted to cultivating fully equipped, competitive, social, young entrepreneurs who will always be proud of their CSSU affiliations in the future.

Mr. Irfan Dilsiz
General Secretary

Unit Head of Unit Position E-mail Extension No.
Accounting Office Bahri Zorlu Director 138
Registrar’s Office Murat Gülel Director 103
IT Department Şevki Usta Coordinator 102
Library and Documentation Department Furkan Satır Director 151
Corporate Communications Office Merve Nur Kılıç Coordinator 152
Transportation Office Hüseyin Akkurt Coordinator 132
Building, Construction and Technical Services Office Coordinator 136
Purchasing Office Coordinator 136