Student Affairs consists of two units: academic and general.

Student Affairs Academic Unit

Cyprus Social Sciences University Academic Unit aims to contribute in the regulation and the improvement of the academic environment with the services it provides the students. All the work related to students during their education period is centrally conducted by the Student Affairs Academic Unit using automated system.

This unit deals with any kind of academic action related to the student; the documents are stored, prepared and distributed in that unit.  The administration stores the course grades safely and prepares all the documents and papers.

It is also within the responsibilities of Student Affairs Academic Unit to inform the students about the regulations and instructions and the relevant academic issues.

Other responsibilities and duties of Student Affairs Academic Unit are listed below:

The Duties of Student Affairs Academic Unit

  • To prepare and announce the Academic Calendar
  • To open courses confirmed by the faculties, to form student lists and to establish the programs
  • To prepare reports that include student information
  • To supply the students with the necessary documents
  • To archive and control of all the information and documents of the students
  • To conduct military service processes for male students
  • To accept applications for transfers and double major programs
  • To prepare graduation document, diploma, and diploma supplement to graduating students
  • To prepare and announce the semester course lists
  • To prepare and announce the final exam programs
  • To establish course programs
  • To register new students
  • To carry out disenrollment, post-matriculation and leave of absence procedures
  • To determine which students will be given Honor and High Honor Certificates, and to organize their documents
  • To carry out Student ID and Travel Card procedures
  • To update scholarship status of the students
  • To prepare statistical information

The Documents It Provides

  • Student Document
  • Transcript
  • Discipline documentation
  • Double major document
  • Document that shows the expected date of graduation
  • To sign forms related to studentship information
  • Signed photocopies of the registration documents
  • Ranking document

Military Service Procedures

The processes for the students who need to do their military duties are conducted by the Administration of Student Affairs. The necessary document is sent to the military recruiting office as a registered letter with return receipt. The students who want a document related to their military services for any reason can go to the Administration of Student Affairs.

Graduation Rules

Students who have completed their credits and courses and have at least 2.00 GPA can graduate and get a diploma.

Students graduating in Spring Semester can get their diplomas in July of the same year. Those who graduate in Summer or Fall periods can get their diplomas in February of the same academic year.

Lost Diploma

If the diploma is lost, the steps in the lost diploma regulation are followed. Students need to pay for the new diploma through bank transaction.