General information regarding entering and leaving the country:

  • The same travel document should be used in entering and leaving the country. If you enter the country using identity card, you need to use it when you leave the country. If you enter using your passport, you need to show your passport to the officer when you are leaving.
  • Make sure your travel document is current. Upon your entrance to the country, your travel document shouldn’t be expired.
  • You can leave the country using your expired travel document.
  • It is a crime to make someone else use your travel document.
  • Students who come to this country with their university acceptance letters should complete their registrations to the university within the days given upon entrance to the country.
  • There is no visa penalty applied to those who supply the necessary documents (student document, student permit) showing that they are still students.
  • Students who are dismissed or who graduate can leave the country within 2 months of the dismissal date or diploma date without any visa penalty.

I have lost my passport or identity card, what should I do?


  • First, you need to go to the nearest police station immediately and file police report.
  • You can apply to the Immigration Office with this police report and get your travel document, and you can leave the county in that way.
  • If the person who has applied for lost document has another valid travel document, they may leave the country.

How can I get a student permit?

  • As our university is located in Nicosia, the students should apply there to the Immigration Office in Ministry of Internal Affairs and get their permits.
  • The students are required to register at university within permitted the dates given upon their arrival to the country.
  • Permit stamp is applied to valid passports only.

Which documents should I take to the application?


  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Entry-exit report from the police (11.20 TL revenue stamp)
  • Student document showing that the student is studying at university
  • Lease or sale contract/photocopy of the deed for the real estate they reside in. If the student resides in university dormitory, an official document from the university is required.
  • Application form (it is given at the application center) and 11.20 TL revenue stamp (2016 price)
  • The Immigration Office refers the student to health services (135 TL health charge)
  • A receipt showing that the charge has been paid to the tax office.
  • Charges in 2016
  • Six Months (73,50 TL)
  • One Year (107,50 TL)
  • Two Years (215 TL)




  • The student should have a valid student permit in their passport
  • The workplace they are going to work in should have no problems with the state (tax, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to work in Night Clubs, pubs, or casinos.
  • The application for student work permit will be conducted by the employer.
  • The salary is half of the minimum wage (865 TL in 2016)
  • The work should not interfere with the student’s education.
  • The student permit cannot be given after the date of the student permit, which is 30 September.

Note: If a person completes their education, they can convert the student work permit into work permit before they leave the country.


My parents are going to live with me, what should I do for them?

You can get a visitor permit for your first degree relatives so that they can live with you.

Where should I apply to?


  • You should apply to Police Office or Immigration Department in the district you reside in.
  • Visitor permit stamp is given at the Immigration Office in Ministry of Internal Affairs.

What are the necessary documents?


  • Student document or both the original and photocopy of the student immigration permit
  • Identity register copy for Turkish citizens
  • Application form and 11.20 TL revenue stamp

Note: The applicant is sent to the health center. Upon receiving the health report, the applicant can get the visitor permit stamp from the Immigration Office in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


I need an entry-exit report, how and where can I get one?

  • You can apply to immigration departments of all District Police Offices in the country.
  • 11.20 TL revenue stamp (2016 price)
  • Submission of the identity card or passport
  • If you will get an entry-exit report on behalf of someone else, you need a procuration (Original)