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Our Mission:

Our main ain is to provide useful information and services to humanity and to develop competent individuals who have professional knowledge and who take responsibility for themselves, families, society and humanity.

Our Vision:

We aim at increasing peace and prosperity in the world and contributing to the development of the country through the individuals that it educates and the universal knowledge that it produces.

Basic Values

  • To be beneficial to ourselves and humanity
  • To encourage academic freedom
  • To provide good governance
  • To believe in the universality of science
  • To strive for continuous improvement
  • To comply with professional and human moral values


Persuant to the mission and vision of our university, the principles we adhere to in our daily work are determined by policies. The policies of the university are set out from different perspectives as listed below.

Quality Policy

According to the quality principles adopted by the institution,  CSSU  will continue to pioneer in quality to improve activities and services and to increase the satisfaction of beneficiaries measured on an ongoing basis.

Education And Research Policy

Human Resources Policy

CSSU strives to establish and develop a system that will enable the right person to be employed in the right time, the right place, and in line with the mission and vision of the institution, through short to long term human resources planning. The institution implements a multifaceted communication process within the governance guidelines to support the social, cultural, and artistic activities in order to increase the motivation of employees and foster loyalty. Training plans will be in accordance with training needs analysis and will provide equal opportunities for employees to contribute to the development of their individual career plans and to provide promotional opportunities within the scope of the performance evaluation system. As its core concern, the institution aims to create a safe and healthy business environment for all employees.

Environmental Policy

The environmental Policy of the university is meant to develop environmental and cultural awareness by educating individuals to be respectful to the social values and the environment, to conduct and support scientific studies for environmental health, and to develop a sustainable green campus in corporate services and activities.

Corporate Communication Policy of the University

The institution is based on the following Corporate Communication priorities:

  • To build awareness through and to support scientific, artistic and cultural activities nationally and internationally.
  • To develop relationships between written and visual media
  • To ensure that the internet is used effectively in promoting the university
  • To give importance to the social values in the social activities
  • To conduct research sharing studies with public institutions and organizations


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